How can I create announcements or events in Factorial?

You have to organize the Christmas dinner and you have to remind all the employees the date, the place, etc. Shall I send an e-mail...? Shall I communicate it through Slack?

🎉 Factorial has the solution! 🎉 If you are the admin in your account, you can create events and announcements to remind and announce to the employees any kind of event organized by the company. 

From where can I post the announcement or event? 📍

If you login to your Factorial account, you will find a blue icon with the Factorial logo below in the right frame of the screen. By clicking on the logo, you will see that it allows you to perform different actions, one of which is to create a post. 

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In addition, you will see that you can post directly an event through the "Upcoming events" available on your dashboard. By clicking directly on "Create an event", you will be redirected to create it and publish it. 

How does this feature work?  🤔

Easy, easy, easy. This feature allows you to publish an event or announcement so that all employees who have an active account in Factorial can be aware of it. 

When you want to create an announcement, Factorial will allow you to create two types of posts; announcements and events. 

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To publish an announcement 📢

If you choose an announcement, it will allow you to create a title and a description that basically defines what you want to convey to your company. When you create an announcement and click "Continue", we will ask you if you would also like to notify your employees by e-mail and if you would like to allow employees to comment on and add reactions.  


Finally, the announcement will appear below the notifications, specifically in the footer of your dashboard. 


To publish an event 📆

If you choose to post an event, you will see that it takes you to a completely different view than the other one. You will have the option to add an image as the event banner (990 x 325px for the event page), put a title, book a date and exact time of the event, the location and add a description with the details of the event. 

When you have finished publishing, you will see that you will be asked if you want to notify employees via email and if you want to allow employees to comment or add reactions. 


Finally, this is how you will see an event post from your dashboard. This event will be visible in the Upcoming Events section, in your dashboard view.