Learn How to Create a Company Announcement

Learn how to create announcements through the omni button and dashboard with this short article.

How can I Create an Announcement? 

    Through the Omni Button  

    • Press the Omni Button 
    • Select Create a Post 
    • Opt for Announcement 



    • Fill out all fields 


    • Once this step is done 👆, click on Continue 


    Through the Dashboard

    • Head to the section of All Comunities


    • Press on Create A Post 
    • Select the Community 
    • Select the Post Type: Announcement
    • Fill out all fields 
    • Click on Continue 

    When publishing the event it will be visible in the company calendar and the dashboard of each employee. It´s also up to you to:

    • Send email notification
    • Allow comments and reactions

    Administrators will be able to see who has viewed the event.
    Employees and other profiles will be able to see how many people have seen the event.