How can I check past employees' data?

Quite simple! 🙅 

In case you have terminated an employee in Factorial, and you need to check information such as holidays, personal data, clocking-in, or any data stored in Factorial, you can do so. 

How? 😮 Below we explain how you should proceed to reach the information of the finished employees. 

  1. Log in with your administrator profile in Factorial. 
  2. Go to the Employees section
  3. You will see that in the left bar corner, there is a tab called "Filters". If you click on that tab, you can filter by employee category, and you'll see that there is a "Past employees" option.


  4. Once you have selected the filter, you will see the past employees that you have terminated from Factorial.
  5. Finally, by clicking on the employee, you will be able to check his profile and data that were stored until they were terminated.  

Once the information has been checked, you can refresh the page and the active employees will appear again in the employees' section.