Create Custom Reports with Factorial

Take advantage of all the information you store in Factorial to run HR Reports that will allow you to measure and make decisions based on data. 

Through the Reports Feature, you will be able to Create: 
◻ Bar Graph
◻ Pie Chart 
◻ Area Chart  
◻ Line Graph 
◻ Data Table 
◻ Metric


First, Create a Dashboard 

  • Go to Reports 
  • Press on + Create Dashboard - 📍 Located in the upper right corner
  • Fill in the required fields 
  • Click on Create

Time-Off Dashboard

How to Create a Custom Report? 

  • Reports
  • Dashboards 
  • Add New Report 
    Add New Report-1
  • Opt for Custom Report 

Create a New Report 

Fill Out the Data and Generate a completely Customized Report: 

  1. Report Name 
  2.  Dashboard
  3. Select the Report type
  4. Initial data
  5. Secondary data
  6. Group data (Optional)
  7. Filters (Optional)

Create your First Report following this Example: Which is the Type of Absence most Requested?

Report Name: Type of Absences Requested in 2020 
Dashboard: Time-Off
Type of Report: Bar Graph 
Initial Data: Number of Absences 
Secondary Data: Type of Absence
Group data: Full name
Filters: Start and End date of the Absence 

Report gift - Types of Absences

Tipos de ausencias por reporte

Share your Reports 

If you view or edit a report, you will see that certain symbols appear in the upper right corner. One of them will allow you to share the report. Click on the sign (marked in the capture below ), and you will have the report URL copied to share it with other users. 

Share reports