Employee Document Directory

Factorial Enterprise gives you the option to configure the folder structure of all your employees' documents.

How do I Create Custom Folders? 

  • Head to Company 
  • Select Documents 
  • Employee Directory 
  • Add Folder
    Create as many folders as you like 

    Directory 1
  • Add the Folder Name 
  • Add Folder 

    Directory 2

Where can I Check the Custom Folders? 

  • Head to Company 
  • Select Documents 
  • Scroll until you find Employee Directory 

Employee directory

How can I Edit or Archive the Folders that I have Created? 

  • Head to the Folder in question 
  • Click on  the configuration tool

In the case of Archiving, the folder will no longer be visible to the user. However, it will not be wholly deleted but will remain as an archive. If you want to retrieve the folder and the documents stored in it, you can activate it again by following the same steps mentioned above ☝, but this time choosing Unarchive Folder . 

Directory 4 

Where can my Employees Check their Folders? 

  • My Documents 

Directory 5