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Employee document directory

This feature is only available by upgrading to the Enterprise plan. 

The documents organization is really important to have an order in your directory and your employees directory, and that's why Factorial Enterprise gives you the option to create Custom Folders so that everybody in your company can sort their documents in their corresponding folders. 

No more lost documents in your directory! Create custom folders and group them all to be able to access them in a fast and efficient way. 

How do I create custom folders? 

So simple! 

To create new folders for your employees' directories, simply go to Company > Documents

You will see a blue "Add folder" button where you can create as many folders as you want. 

Directory 1

Simply add the folder name and create it. You will see, that it will be added to your employee directory. 

Directory 2

Where can I check the custom folders? 

To view the folders you have created, you can do so from the Company > Documents view. You will see the employee directory and the company directory. 

Directory 3

In the directory, you can edit or archive the folders you have created, in case you want to change the name of the folder or want to archive it. 

Directory 4 

In the case of archiving, the folder will no longer be visible to the user. However, it will not be completely deleted but will remain as an archive. If you want to retrieve the folder and the documents stored in it, you can activate it again by going to Company > Documents > Employee directory, clicking on the archived folder and activating it again. 

Once you unarchive it, the user will have access to it again from his or her directory. 

How does it look to my employees?

All the folders you create will be available to your employees. 

By accessing My Documents, they will have a complete view of the folders that have been previously created.

Directory 5

They will be able to save documents in those folders, and you as administrator will be able to store documents in their folders if necessary.