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Document Visibility

In this short article, we show you how to hide or show documents to the users of your company account. 

Options for document visibility

If you share public company documents for the entire staff, you have two options. 

  • Sharing a document: This way, all the users of the company account will be able to see the document in My Documents, under the folders.
  • Hiding a document: This way, only the administrators of the account will have access to that document. It will be hidden from other users. 

How do I hide/show documents with other employees?

Simply by going to the functionalities menu on your left, Files > Company documents, you will see that in the box of each document, there will be a lock icon. By clicking on this icon, you can hide or show the document you have previously shared. 


Visi 1

When you show the document with the rest of the template, a pop-up will appear asking you if you want all the employees to be notified in relation to the view of that file. 

Visi 2

If you want to hide it, it will simply be hidden and you will see the closed lock, but no user will be notified about it.