Create a Report based on Monthly Project´s Total Hours

Create a Report  that you can download later in .CSV to visualize the total hours that your employees have carried out in Projects for a specific month.

 Monthly Project´s Total Hours 

  1. Go to Reports 
  2. Press +Create Dashboard  - 📍 Located in the upper right corner
  3. Add New Report 
  4. Choose Custom Report

    Add New Report

Edit Report 

  • Report name:  Projects - October 
  • Dashboard:  Projects
  • Select the Report Type 👇

    Report Type

  • Click to select the Initial Data

    🔎Use the search filter to introduce the corresponding data 

    *Duration of Shift in hours* 



  • Click to select the Secondary Data 
    *Full Name*

Full name

  • Click to select Group Data 
    *Los proyectos* 

    Los Proyectos
  • Click to select  Filters 
    *Date of Shift - Current month*

    Date of Shift

Once you carry out all these previous steps ☝, you will obtain your Employees Monthly Projects Total Hours.