COVID-19: Register your time tracking through Factorial ⏲️

Nowadays, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, most companies have had to adapt their working methods from home, offering their employees working from home.

Employees must also clock in when they work from home, as they do not have the possibility to go to the office and clock in through a face-to-face system such as the QR code or Geolocation clock-in system. 

How do I clock in if I'm working from home? 🏠

In order to complete the clocking in from home, you can use the traditional clocking in method offered by Factorial, from the web or from the app for Smartphones. 

From the clock-in section that you'll find in the side features menu, you can fill the hours worked, add observations per day, see the leaves according to the day, and check bank holidays. 

In the Factorial Time and Attendance, there are 2 ways to record the hours worked. 

1. Clock-in/Clock-out button

Either from the Clock-in section or from your Dashboard, you can enter the times at which you start and end each shift. Just click on the "Clock-in" button to create a new shift that will record the hours worked until the same worker closes the shift by clicking on the "Clock-out" button again. 

Clock Inp 1

As we mentioned before, this clock-in mode is also available from Factorial's Smartphone app, both for iPhone and Android.  

 Clock Inp 2

2. Manual time tracking

You also have the possibility to enter the working hours manually. Simply select the day to which you want to add the hours and enter an entry and an exit time.

You can add as many shifts as you need by clicking on the "+" button and repeating the process.

 Clock Inp 3

Attention ⚠️: You will not be able to enter the departure hour of a shift until that hour has arrived. If you try to enter it earlier, you will see that it does not allow you to save.