Contract Versions

Understand how the contract versions work in Factorial.

👩‍🏫  Contracts in Factorial

In Factorial there is no multi-contract option, but rather several versions of a contract. In other words, there is only one single contract. So changing the start date of a contract will affect all the different versions of the contract (while also changing the other variables such as hours and absences).

How to create Versions of the Original Contract?

  1. Go to the Employee
  2. Select Contract 
  3. Press the (+)  button 


Once these steps have been carried out☝, a window will open requesting you to enter a Contract Version Date

version datee


What we need to understand about the Contract Version Date

  • The changes that you want to make to your employee's contract must be made after having entered and created the version date. Which would be the date from when these changes apply. 
  • Once the new version of the contract has been created, we must avoid modifying the Start Date of the Original Contract, in fact, this date will already appear entered by default.

Start date contract