Download the Time Off Report of your Employees

Follow these steps to easily download the time off report of your employees.

Steps to Download the Time Off Report 

  1. Head to Employees
  2. Click on the (...) - 📍 Located in the upper right corner 
  3. Export Employee List
  4. In Reports select: Time Off
  5. Select the year
  6. Download

What information does the report contain? 

🔸 The Report Includes 3 Sheets:
➡ Time-Off Sheet
➡ Past Employees Time Off Sheet
➡ Activity Sheet

In the Time Off Sheet you will find your Time Off Policies, each one with its corresponding information:

➡ Total days
➡ Used days 
➡ Available days 
➡ Accumulated days
➡ Pending approval days 
➡ Rejected days

In the Past Employees Time Off Sheet you will find the same as in the Time Off Sheet ☝ but with information corresponding to your Ex-Employees

In the Activity Sheet you will find Details of the Requested Absences