Can I have different offices on the same account? 🏢

Yep, with Factorial you can organize your company's employees according to their geographical location. If you have more than one office in the same city, different stores in different countries or several locations where employees work you can reflect this in Factorial. The offices can be very important to adjust the holiday schedule according to the state, regional or local holidays of each location.

How do I create several offices in Factorial?   

Login to your Factorial account > Company > Offices 

Here you can create an office or "location" where employees work. If you want to differentiate between employees who are working in Barcelona and employees who are working in London for example, you can do it. At the top right click on the create office button "+". 

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 You can create as many offices as you need. 
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As soon as you create a new office you can start assigning employees. Choose the employees who work in that office and import the bank holidays that will be available to all employees working in that location.


If you were already using Factorial with only one office, by default all your employees belong to that office. Changing it is very simple. Create the office, go to View Office, and Add Employees.

If you delete an office that already had associated employees, you will not delete the employees. These workers will simply no longer belong to an office. You can add them back to another one later.