Can I create different Time-off policies in Factorial? 🏖️


Do you have different departments with different policies, schedules, or days? Does your agreement offer a calendar or working days? Do you have different backgrounds in your company with different agreements or vacation policies? 

We explain to you how to create different time-off policies in Factorial: 

Login to your company account, and then go to Company > Time-off 

Time-Off 1

 You can create different time-off policies by clicking on the "+" button as shown in the image above. 

Time-Off 2

Once you've created your first time-off policy, you'll find the following steps to fill in:

  1. Policy Basics
    You can assign the policy name and a description for the policy.    
  2. Time-off allowances
    Click on Add Time-off allowances to configure days off permissions and to select the type of leaves you want to include. 

    Vacations - 220

    * Time -Off allowance name

    * Leave Types - Remember that you can create as many types of leaves you want. If you still don`t know how to create them, we recommend that you read:How can I create different leave types in Factorial?   👉Do not forget to  select the types of leaves of your interest within the counter so that the requested days off are calculated corectly. 

    * Time-off days
    You will be able to introduce the number of days, what kind of days the policy has, the number of accrued days from the previous year, the month in which they expire, and also you will see that there is a box that allows you to set if the accrued days are unlimited. Also, You can configure whether your company's vacation days are all generated at once or over the course of the year. 

    * Time-off cycle
    Determine Cycles within these counters to establish periods for a year. These cycles will be updated annually; if you set that the Cycle lasts from January to December, the Cycle will update in January of the following year. Also, restarting the count of available and accumulated days.

Days available -2020

When you have finished setting up the time off policy, you will see that in the blue banner, just to the right of Policy Basics, there is a section called Employees

Assign there the employees of your company that you want to add to this policy.

Time-Off 4

You will see that each employee will be assigned their own time-off policy once you have assigned them. In case you add a new employee to your company in the future, you will also be able to assign them a time-off policy from their Profile. Just go to their profile, by going to the section Time-off, you can assign them one of the policies you have previously created.

 Time-Off 5

Remember 🧠: You can assign a time-off supervisor to the new employee through his profile, right under the time-off policy.

Finally, if you need to move a worker from one policy to another, you can reassign him/her. Be aware that some of the employees have time-off adjustments associated with their current policy. Therefore, you will have to choose the time off allowance of the new policy to move its settings.

Re-Assign TOP