Types of Administrators

Learn the differences between Administrator and External Administrator. Create and find out where to find these profiles.

Administrator Vs External Administrator 

β—Ό  An Administrator is an Employee within the platform who has complete authority and can perform any action.
β—» An External Administrator is not an employee within the platform; therefore, he/she does not suppose a cost. This profile also has complete authority but canΒ΄t perform the clock in or ask for days off. 

How do I Add an Administrator? 

  1. Log in to your Administrator Account
  2. Head to Company 
  3. Select Permissions 
  4. Click on the Administrators Group 

    Permissions - Admins
  5. Go to Employees 
  6. Click on (+) - πŸ“ located in the upper right corner
  7. Choose Asign an Admin 

    Assign an Admin
  8. Select the user you want for Admin 
  9. Save 

How do I Create an External Administrator? 

Following the steps mentioned previously ☝, you will find the option to Create New Admin.

Create new admin

Where can I Find all my Company Administrators? 

  • Company 
  • Permissions 
  • Administrators 
  • See group