Can I create a careers page from Factorial?

From now on, you can! 💪

All you have to do is activate the feature from the Apps section that you'll see available in your account as an administrator, in the features menu on your left. 

Next, you must go to Company > Details and you will see that in basic information a text-box will have been added where it will allow you to add the domain of your company's public page. This domain will be associated with, as you can see in the attached image. 

mceclip0 (3)-3

Once you have added the company's domain, and have the URL of your public page ready, you will be redirected to the editor of the public page. In case you prefer to do it later, you will have to go to Customization

In the Customization section, you will see there is a section called Careers Page, which will allow you to activate the public page, predefine the language, and start with the customization. 

mceclip1 (1)-3

From the editor, you can set up the content and appearance of the company page. 

What can I edit from the appearance?

Mainly, you can choose the main color of your page, the text header, and body format and add a logo. 

You will always have the choice of previewing the design of the company page in the right frame of your screen, as in the image below. 


What about the content?

In this section, you will see the different sections that the company page has.

For each section, you will have the option to enable or disable them to make them visible on your public page, excluding the header. 

Furthermore, you will have the option of adding a title and a description for each section. 

  1. The Header will allow you to add a picture to have a better visualization of the company concept. This section cannot be disabled, so you will see that the option to disable it will not be available. 
  2. In this section, you will be able to add the values that your company represents, such as transparency, punctuality, constancy, diligence, familiarity, among others. You will see that you can add the values through a blue button, which will allow you to detail the title of the value and a description. 
  3. Another section visible on the company page will be the Benefits that your company can offer, which works like the values, with the option of adding the types of benefits (health insurance, meal card, transport card, kindergarten, gym pass...) that your company offers to employees. 
  4. The fourth section is composed of the team members of your company, which by default will be created according to the teams you have created in Factorial. You can enable or disable them depending on the visibility you want to give on your company page. Please note, in case you want your employees to appear in this section, you must meet the following requirements: They have to be invited to Factorial, belong to one or more teams and have a start date.
  5. You will be able to share your job offers in this section! If you activated the Recruitment feature, all the jobs created and published in this section will be shown to you. Also, by activating the LinkedIn and Indeed integrations that we offer in the Integrations section, you will be able to share the job offers of your company page in your LinkedIn and Indeed portals🎉. To learn more about these integrations, you can click on this article to learn how to integrate with LinkedIn, and on this other article to learn how to integrate with Indeed
  6. Finally, you will be able to share the Offices that build your company, such as the teams, which will be related to the information you have in Factorial. By clicking on any office, you can edit the visibility, add a description of the office, and attach an image or video to show candidates a view of each office. 


Once you have completed the Content of your careers page, you can preview everything you have previously created by clicking on the button in the left frame below your screen. A new tab will open in your browser, which will show you the design and content of your new careers page. 

I've finished the setup, what's the next step? 

Everything is ready to show our visitors the company page we have created through Factorial, you just have to take the link of the domain you created at the beginning and share it in the footer of your company. 

Remember that the careers page is already activated (you did it when you created the company domain), so you will only have to share it in your Home Page.