Can I cancel my holidays leave request? ❌

Yes, but only if your holidays have NOT been approved. by the admin or are future holidays. 

If the admin has already approved your holidays and you need to cancel them contact him or your time off supervisor.

When the admin or supervisor delete or modify your request you'll be notified via email.

If they are still pending or they are future holidays, you can delete your time off:

  • Go to your Time off section in your Factorial account. 
  • Click on the holidays you want to delete.
  • Once inside click "remove".

When deleting these not-enjoyed days, they'll be back to the available amount of time off you can ask for.  Your time off supervisor or admin will be notified of the cancellation via email. 

If you just want to edit, you can change your time off dates and click Add time off. This way the number of time off days will readjust automatically.