Can an employee modify the time tracking of the previous month?

Like everything in life, this problem has a solution.

In case the employee, due to extreme necessity, must modify the time tracking of the previous month or any other period, as administrator or manager, you must do the following:

To unlock the time tracking of an employee from a past month, you must select the previous month in this case, as in the screenshot shown below 👇

Unlock 1

Once you are in the month view you want, you must select the employee in question, and unlock the time tracking record for that month, by selecting the button "Unapproved employee timesheet."

Unlock 2When you do, the employee will see that he can modify the previous month and be able to change the wrong day.

It will be time for the employee to modify it! 😊

Make sure the modification is correct, and when everything is ready and prepared, it will be time to confirm the workday registration.