How to create Time off allowance adjustments?

If the employee has already taken vacation days during the year and you want to subtract it from their available days; or if you need to add more days to that previous year, you can create Time Off allowance adjustments 👇

Time off allowance adjustments 📍 

  1. Go to the Employee
  2. Select the employee
  3. Click on the employee➡
  4. Head to Time Off 
  5. Scroll until you find Time off allowance adjustments

How to make a Time off allowance adjustments?  🌴

  • Time off allowance adjustments

  • Add holiday adjustment - You can Add or Subtract days 👇

    Add or substract dats

  • Fill in the fields 
  • Add Holiday Adjustment 

Add Holiday Adjusment

How are Vacation Adjustments reflected? 👁‍🗨