Download the Time Tracking Report

Administrators can download the time tracking report at any time, in Excel and PDF formats.

Or in other words,  Download the Clock In-Out Report? 🕑

  • Go to Time Tracking 
  • Click on the (...) 
  • Select the option Download Report

    Download Report TT
  • Fill in the Export Time Tracking Fields 
    ➡ PDF or Excel File 
    ➡ Select the Office
    ➡ Select the Team 
    ➡ From when to when 

    Export TT
  • Submit

What else can we Learn about the Clock In-Out? 

◻ Version History 

Once registered, the worker will be able to edit shifts that have not yet been approved by an administrator. In order to comply with a supposed labor inspection, Factorial saves all these changes, so that the person responsible for checking the data has all the necessary information available.

👇 This information can be seen both in the application, on the "i" next to each shift and in the report. 

◻ Reminders

Via Email📧: 

  • For workers: The last week (specifically the last 5 working days of the month).

  • For Admins / Managers: The 1st of every month

Via Dashboard 💻: 

Pending Shifts