Download the Time Tracking Report

Or in other words,  Download the Clock In-Out Report? πŸ•‘

Administrators and Managers can download the Time Tracking Report  for a specific month at any time, in Excel and PDF formats.

  • Go to Time Tracking 
  • Click on the (...) 
  • Select the option Download Report

    Download Report TT
  • Fill in the Export Time Tracking Fields 

  • Submit

What else can we learn about the Clock In-Out? πŸ€”

β—» Version History 

πŸ”ΊOnce registered, the worker will be able to edit shifts that have not yet been approved by an administrator or his manager. In order to comply with a supposed labor inspection, Factorial saves all these changes, so that the person responsible for checking the data has all the necessary information available.

πŸ‘‡ This information can be seen both in the application, on the "i" next to each shift and in the report. 

β—» Reminders

Via EmailπŸ“§: 

  • For workers: The last week (specifically the last 5 working days of the month).

  • For Admins / Managers:The 1st of every month

Via Dashboard πŸ’»: 

Pending Shifts