Configure your Company Time Off Policies

Do you have several  departments with different vacation days and schedules? Do your company policies offer natural or working days? Do you have profiles in your company with separate agreements or vacation policies? Learn How to Configure your Company Time Off Policies 

  1. Go to the Company  section
  2. Select Time Off 
Click on View Policy - (By default you will have a Time-Off policy created, in this the employees you invite will be added)

See Policy

Policy Basics 📝

In this section you simply have to enter the name of your Company Policy. You can also add a short description.

Policy Basics

Time Off Allowances 🔢

In here you can enter:

  • Days Allowance
  • Days Type
  • Time-off cycle
  • Days Carried Over 
  • Available Days  (accrued all at once or  accrued throughout the year )

Time Off allowances

How can I edit the Allowances? 

Edit allowance

💡 The only thing that cannot be edited is the Time OffCycles. This is because the counter relies on the assigned cycle to subtract or add the requested days of absences.

👩‍🏫 In each of your Allowances, you must select Types of LeavesHow can I create different leave types in Factorial?


In the Time Off Policy created by default, you will not be able to add employees. Because all employees created withing your Company Account will be added to this Default Policy automatically.

How to add Employees? 

Employees - Time Off Policies