All you need to know about our Recruitment feature

Create job offers and manage your candidates effectively during each selection process. Using the Recruitment tool through the Apps section, as an administrator, you can create as many job offers as you need and also, share them on your customized Factorial webpage.

How does Recruitment functionality work?

Very easy! In this section, we will explain how to use and configure the recruiting functionality in few steps.

1. Create a job offer

First of all, you must access the Recruitment functionality on the side menu. Once clicked, you will see a list of existing job offers (it will be empty if it is the first time you get in).

To create a new job offer, you must click on the "+" button found in the blue header of the Job Offers section. A pop-up will appear in which you must specify the title of the offer, as well as the office and the team to which it belongs. 

You can modify this information later if necessary.

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Once you created your job offer, you will set up the details of the offer. 

You will see 3 steps to configure the different sections of the job offer: Offer description, Application form, and Selection process.

The offer is created as a draft by default (which means it's only visible internally). When the details are completed, you can change its status to published so that it appears on your company page and you can start receiving candidates. 

Once the selection process is complete, you must archive the offer.


You can preview the job offer at any time by clicking on the button on the top right, just next to the '...' to see what the changes you save have.

📢 Job offer description

In the first step, you will place/write basic information about your job offer. Your potential candidates will see this information when they access your webpage.

You will have to determine the job title and department which belongs. Also, you can select the office this job posting belongs to or 'Remote working' option. 


You can place different job details about the offer such as type of contract, annual salary, and schedule type. 

Finally, you will find a field in which you can write the description of this job posting, job requirements, and conditions that your company offers. 


📋 Application form 

The second step, you will define the personal information you want to ask your candidates when they are applying to this job posting - You can specify which fields must be mandatory or optional. 

Note that 3 fields are mandatory (First name, Last name, and Email) and 4 fields are customized (CV, Photo, Cover letter, and Phone number).


Moreover, you can add as many custom questions as you want your candidates to answer when applying to this offer.


🤝 Hiring process

In the last step, you can define the hiring phases of this job position internally. 

When you create a new job offer, the phases that you had have configured in the company configuration, will apply by default (you can manage the default phases by clicking on the link that you will see below the phases of the offer).

Also, you can select the people that will have access to see and manage this job posting details and candidates. Note that account admins have access to all job postings.


2. Manage the candidates who have applied to the job offer 

Once you had created y published your job posting, applicants will start registering. This is the time to focus on your ideal candidate for the position. Let’s do it!

 In the Candidates tab, on the top of the page, you will see all the hiring process stages.


Below, you will be able to see which candidates are on each stage. You have two tabs that indicate if the candidate it´s active or disqualified.  You can check each candidate by clicking on the proper name.


 In the candidate's header, you will see his basic information (name, surnames, when he was added to the process, the phase he is currently in ...) and two buttons that will allow you to disqualify the candidate or move him to one of the stages of the process of selection.

In the Overview tab, you will find the information the candidate had filled in. Firstly, you will find the basic information and then, documentation and personalized questions.



3. Hire a candidate 🎉

Have you found the perfect match? Perfect!

When the candidate goes to the Hired stage, you will have the option to create an employee profile so the candidate joins your Factorial staff. If you prefer to create the employee profile at another time, you can do it by going back to the candidate's profile and clicking the Create employee button, which you will find right next to the Disqualify and Move to phase button.

Check that the information is correct and you are ready to go. You will be able to send the invitation to the new employee!  🙌

Their employee profile will be stored in the Employee section, so the new candidate will become part of your staff in a matter of seconds.


4. Store disqualified candidates in the Talent Pool 🏊🏼‍♂️✨

Not all candidates fit the job offer you posted, and some candidates we may have disqualified, we really like for the future. 

In order to save those candidates and be able to contact them in the future for another open position, we will be able to do so through the Talent Pool. 

To store our candidates in the Talent Pool, it's very simple! You will have two different options to add them to the Talent Pool.

You can do it from the job offer. Within the job offer, in Candidates, you will be able to add the candidates that are in any phase to the Talent Pool, simply by clicking on the "..." and sending it to the Talent Pool. 

  1. You can do it from the job offer. Within the job offer, in Candidates, you will be able to add the candidates that are in any phase to this section, simply by clicking on the "..." and sending them there.

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  2. Also, you will have a "Candidates" section in the first view once you access the Recruitment functionality. In that view, all candidates who have applied to any job posting on your career page or on your LinkedIn or Indeed job portal will be stored. From Candidates, you can also send any candidate to the Talent Pool. 

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Finally, when you have assigned candidates you want to contact in the future to the Talent Pool, they will be stored there. Simply by going to the Talent Pool, you will see that our disqualified candidates will be classified in this section. 

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If you want to remove them from the Talent Pool, you can do it by clicking on the "..." and removing the candidate from our list in the Talent Pool.