Employees Clock-In

How to clock in through Factorial's web.

How Can I access the Clock In? 

  • Head to Clock In section in You

How Can I Clock In and Clock Out? 

  1. Click on the Clock In - starts the count of a new shift
  2. Click on the Clock Out - This will stop the  shift 

    ☝ This process can be repeated as many times as necessary throughout a day. 

*Clock in from the Dashboard* 

  • Head to the Dashboard 
  • Click on the Clock In button 

Mar-21-2022 12-48-17

*Clock In from the Clock in section* 

  • Head to the Clock In section 
  • Click on the Clock In button 

Mar-21-2022 12-50-27

📳 The Clock In is also available in Factorial's App, both for iPhone and Android 

  • Slide to Clock In and Clock Out 

Export PDF of Clock In

  • Head to Clock In
  • Press Export PDF


💡You may select specific dates within the month of clock in and clock out. You are not obliged to export the PDF for the whole month. 

  • Select dates of clock in and clock out records 

Capture d’écran 2022-04-01 à 12.16.00

Where can I find the PDF Export?

  • Head to My Documents
  • Scroll to Documents section 
  • Find the newly uploaded time tracking document
  • Press on (...)
  • Click on Download Document


  • By clicking on the arrow you will be able to visualise the PDF