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Download & upload payroll results

Give visibility to the status of your payrolls, download them and upload the results.

Payroll policy

Payroll Period Navigation

Payroll Period Status

Defining supplements

Payroll calculation


❗️ Payroll policies can have different payrolls for different employees, payrolls that last just for some days, or several payrolls in the same month.

❗️ Navigation between payroll policies, is know possible.

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A payroll policy is defined by:

  • Recurrence: frequency of repetition of the periods belonging to the policy. 
  • Duration:  Duration should be shorter than recurrence, so payroll periods of the same policy don’t overlap.
  • Starting on day.

Payroll Period Navigation

  • Payroll policies automatically create payroll periods.

❗️ Periods won't be editable, as all the data is calculated through the policy definition. Only the period status will be manageable by the admins.

Payroll Period Status

👀 You will see 3 status in the payroll period, it will appear right next to the Payroll period.

·Defining supplements

This status will inform the Bookkeeper that the supplements are being defined by the HR admin. They are on the HR admin side, Bookkeeper will not be able to make any action.


· Payroll calculation

When the HR admin changes the status to Payroll calculation it means Bookkeepers are in charge. This change of status will send an email to the Bookkeeper notifying them that the supplements are ready to download and that they can be download to work with them. 


There are 3 steps that must be followed 👇

1️⃣ Export payroll data: 


It's not necessary to choose the policy and the payroll period. It would be filled automatically.








2️⃣ Upload results:

The bookkeeper will be able to upload, two different documents:

  • Payroll results
  • Payslips

Payroll ready to calculate (1)

  • Click the Upload results button👇

Base Modal

Upload the documents one by one and chose the type of document.

  • Resumen de nóminas
  • Nóminas

Puedes subir más de un documento para cada tipo de documento.

Puedes eliminar un documento después de subirlo y también descargarlo.


❗️When deleting a document a modal will appear to confirm the action.

If there are no documents uploaded, and the bookkeeper closes the process, an alert will be shown on the close process modal.

All the documents will be uploaded in Factorial Professionals and when closing and changing the status to payment it will be also uploaded in Factorial.


3️⃣ Closing the process:

Modal (1) 
  • When clicking the Close the calculation button, a modal window will be shown, asking for confirmation 👉


Modal (3)


  • If you didn’t upload any of the expected documents, an alert message in the modal will inform you the situation 👉




· Payment

When the status is changed to payment. It would appear a tab with the documents uploaded. 

👀 These documents cannot be deleted once you reach this step.


❗️Keep in mind that the payment status belongs to the HR admin side.