Does the Factorial Time Tracking feature Comply with the Working Time Registry Law?

Am I complying with the law? Does a labor inspection cover me?

From Factorial, we guarantee that our tool complies 100% with the requirements and conditions established by the law of time control registration that came into force last May 12th 📆

With the clocking-in feature, companies will be able to record their employees' working hours on a daily basis, thus complying with the new regulations on time tracking. Factorial allows you to reflect each of the shifts performed by the employees, recording both the time of entry and exit and the breaks if any.

It is important that each company, before the implementation of the registration system, informs the employees of the current work schedule, the time-off policy, the distribution of the day, or the existence of time flexibility for the correct use of the feature.

In the case of labor inspection, the company must present the working day registration report, which can be downloaded in different formats from Factorial. Downloading the report for each month is very simple. Simply enter Factorial, access the Time Tracking section in the side menu, click on the three points at the top right "..." and select the option "Download report".