Documents in Bulk

In this brief article we will show you the steps to follow to send a document in bulk to all of your employees. Furthermore, learn how to upload, download, delete and send documents in bulk.

⏺ First Step

  • Head to the Files Section
  • Select the Documents in Bulk tab

⏺ Second Step 

  • Upload a PDF document

  • Select the folder and the upload type. You can choose between: 
    ⚪  Split the PDF in separate documents
    ⚪  Don't modify them
    ⚪ Combine them in a unique document

⏺ Third Step 

  • Once the document has been uploaded, apply filters if needed and select all your employees  ⬇

  • Finally, press in Send to X employees. 

⏺ Fourth Step

💡 As you can see in the screenshot below, there is also the option to request the e-signature. Simply check the request e-signature box  and you will be asking the signature of all the users you selected before. In case you want to request the e-signature of different users, you can do so by simply selecting them as additional signees.


  • Suggested Matches: If you are uploading a payroll, where the document contains the name, surname, ID of the employee, the system will identify this user and will place it at the top of the list as suggested matches. The intention is to make the selection process easier. Simply click on the circle, and the document will be sent immediately. 
  • Auto Send Documents: Each document must have a first name, last name and personal identifier. The system only matches it to an employee if the 3 values correspond to his/her data in Factorial. The matched documents will be sent to your employees and they will be able to view them immediately. This action cannot be undone.


Autosend doc

Download Documents in Bulk

  • Go to Files > Employee
  • Mark all documents or a selection of your choosing
  • Click on Download


👉 Once the document has been sent, all users will find the document uploaded in their My Documents section in the folder defined. 
📨 An email will be sent to the employee whenever a new document is uploaded 

📨 The employee will receive a Notification via email and on Pending Task>Dashboard if the e-signature has been requested.