Discover the Trainings Feature

Create trainings for your employees to develop the right skills and monitor their progress throughout the training courses.

Why should I use Trainings?

The Trainings Feature can help Administrators to collect and organize information on all courses being conducted within the company. 

  • Track your ongoing training plans
  • Review the efficacy of training courses
  • Extract customizable insights

How to install Trainings?

  1. Head to Apps
  2. Scroll until you find Trainings
  3. Click on Install App do I use Trainings?

💡 If you do not have a plan you may only edit the existing fields that comes with it. 

  1. Head to Company
  2. Click on More
  3. Find Customization 
  4. Scroll until you find Custom Tables

  • Click on Add Custom Table
  • Assign a name to the custom table
  • Add Custom Fields
  • Add a Title and Field Type

Can I modify the Custom Fields?

  • You may duplicated, edit and delete a custom field

How can I delete a Custom Table?

  • At the far right of the page click on (...)
  • Select Delete custom table

What can my Employees see?

⚠️Employees can visualise trainings and provide answers to the questions of the custom tables but only administrators can create custom tables.

  • Head to Employees
  • Select an employee
  • Click on More
  • Select Others
  • Scroll down until you find the training you created

Are you not satisfied with the answer of the record?

💡If you want to delete or change the answer to the record details you must click on the arrow where the record is shown.

  • Select Delete Record if you want to delete your answer
  • Select Save Record to save your new answer to the record

Can I Add more Questions to my Training?

Yes, you can always add new custom fields to your training. 

  • Click on (...)
  • Press on Custom Table Settings

💡Once you click on Custom Table Settings, you will automatically be redirected to the initial page where you created the custom table and table fields.

Importing Information to Custom Table

🧑🏼‍💼By downloading the custom table from which you have created your training, you will be able to extract a report with all the information.  

  • Head to Employees
  • Click on (...)
  • Select Import Data to Tables

  • Click on Download custom tables template

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👩🏼‍🔧 Custom Tables Importer