Discover the First Steps of Time Tracking

Install and set up time tracking policies and assign different clock in systems. Learn how to configure your companies time tracking policies. 

1. Install Time Tracking

  • Go to the Apps section
  • Click on Time Tracking 
  • Click on the Install App

Where can I Find Time Tracking Policies? 

👩‍🏫 Once the Time Tracking is installed, you will be redirected to a Time Tracking Policy created by default. 

  • Select Settings 
  • Click on Time Tracking policy by default

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2. Configure your Company Time Tracking Policies

Policy Settings

⏺ Employees 

You can add the employees you want to that Time Control policy.

  • Head to the Employee section inside the policy 
  • Press (+) - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

3. Add Time Tracking Policies 

  1. Go to the Settings Section

  2. Click in +Add  - 📍 Located in the upper right corner

Edit a Time Tracking Policy 

  • Click on the arrow button ➡️

💡You may make changes at any time about the configurations of the time tracking policy ranging from the time tracking system to employees assigned to the policy.

🙎🏻‍♂️ Time Tracking Tolerance