Discover Dynamic Filters in Reports

Learn how to attribute dynamic filters to your reports to display more rapidly desired results.

Where do I find Dynamic Filters?

💡Dynamic filters provide the opportunity for administrators and managers to implement goals.

  1. Head to Reports
  2. Select a Dashboard 
  3. Click on (...)
  4. Press on Add new filter 
  5. Provide name to filter 
  6. Select Type of filter

💡You have three different types of dynamic filters that you can select.

  • Date
  • Text
  • Team

👉🏽The filters will automatically update the reports. Once the filters are created and added, the idea is that you will add these dynamic filters to your reports in order to not have to insert every time the information for update purposes. 

What options do I have for filters?

⚠️ You can only modify the default value of the filter. 

  1. Edit Filter
  2. Remove Filter

☝🏽Caution : Once you press on Remove, the filter will automatically disappear.

How do I see Dynamic Filters in my Reports?

  • Click on (...)
  • Select View and Edit

💡You must scroll down until you are seeing filters (optional). You will see the configuration of the dynamic filters you chose. 

  • Click on the toggle to use filter in dashboard

Now, we will add a new filter such as date of contract for the report to be specific.

Managers must be given permission to edit reports. Once they have permission, they will only have visibility of the information in the reports to which they have been granted access to. 

How do I give Access to Managers?

💡We recommend you create an access group with permissions designated for managers of the company to manage tasks. 

The managers will only have access to data that is relevant to them (e.g. data of the team). 

  • Head to Company
  • Select More > Permissions
  • Press on Access Group 
  • Scroll to Reports
  • Enable Use Reports