Disable prorated calculation

You can offer full base allowance time to your employees, independently from when they joined the company or the time they have stayed in the current cycle.

👀 Many companies have use cases based on government laws that require not prorating the employee's allotted time off. 

Regardless of the time worked or the time in the company, the employee must receive the full base allowance.

How to set it up?

  • Get into your Company section
  • Click on Time Off
  • Choose your Time Off Policy
  • And edit your Time Off Allowance Settings

How to disable prorated calculation?

  • Get to the Are base allowance days prorated field

❗️ Two options will appear:

  • Yes, employee will receive the proportional number of days
  • No, employee will receive the full base allowance days 
  • Click on No, employee will receive the full base allowance days 

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👀 Example:

👨‍💼 Imagine your employees have 24 days prorated in a year, if one of them joined the company on July 1st, by default the platform will mark 12 days of allowance, since the number of days is divided by the number of months worked.

When you disable the prorated calculation, the 24 days will be given to your employee.

You have three options:

  • All at once: your employee will be given the 24 days.
  • Monthly: in this case your employee would see 4 days, which are the 24 days divided into the 6 months. 
  • Daily: same logic of above but allowance is released considering days and not months.

🙌 In this way, you can offer your employees full base allowance time independently of how much time they had worked.