Digital Wallets

Make fast payments by adding your card to Apple/Google Wallet from the Factorial mobile app


What is a Digital Wallet?

A digital wallet (or e-wallet) is a type of software that allows buyers to make quick digital transactions by securely storing their payment and password information.

Digital wallets make both online and offline transactions a swift, efficient, and convenient process that’s beneficial for all parties involved.

💡 Digital wallets can be used wherever you see the contactless payment symbol—in stores, in apps, or online at most e-commerce websites.

Pay easily with the devices you carry every day

Digital Wallet allows a new and faster whole experience around expenses and Factorial Cards:

  • ⏰ Avoid long waits:
    You no longer have to wait 4-5 working days to get your physical cards delivered to your address. Now, in a matter of seconds, you can pay using your virtual card.
  • 📱Pay on the go:
    Add physical and virtual cards into your wallets and forget about physical cards. You can pay on the go just with your mobile!


How do Digital Wallets work in Factorial?

Digital Wallet

  • Open Factorial App in your smartphone
  • Click on More 📍located in the bottom right corner
  • Go to Cards
  • Choose the card you want to add to the wallet and click on it to view details
  • Click on Add to Apple/Google Wallet
  • Click on Next 📍located in the top right corner
  • Done!