Data update time in reports

The new reports engine makes any report load the data much faster. Here we explain the refreshing time of the data


As a user, you only have to take into consideration some points of what you can expect from the refresh or update time of reports.

Automatic refresh

The data refreshes automatically every few hours to have a ready-to-consume version of the data. This way you don't need to generate the report's data each time you want to consult the data. It's always a recent version available.

Refresh indicator 

To indicate the last update of the report now you will see a text at the right top with the info about when was updated by last time. 

Not real-time but fresh data

To consume data in real-time you can go to the specific app. So for example, to get info in real-time about shifts you can go to the Time tracking section. If you have a specific need to get data in real-time please contact our support team.