Custom Fields in Documents

Add additional information to all the documents uploaded to Factorial.

Where can I Find Custom Fields? 

  • Head to Company 
  • Select Documents 
  • Scroll until you find Custom Fields

Create Custom Fields in Documents 

  • Add Custom Field 
  • Fill in the blanks 
  • Create Custom Field 

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How to add Custom Fields in Folders?

  • Scroll to Employee Directory 
  • Click on Add Folder 
  • Add Name 

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  • Select the custom field(s) you wish to have in this folder 
  • Activate the custom field 

⚠️If you do not activate the custom field it will not be visible for your employees. 

💡You also have the option to create the custom field from within the folder. 

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Where can I find my Folder?

☝🏽You will only be able to visualise the custom fields within the folder for which you enabled the field.

  • Head to My Documents 
  • Find your Folder (e.g. Work Clothing)
  • Enter the folder and click on +Upload documents 

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Where can my Employees Find Custom Fields in Documents?

  • Access the Documents 
  • Click on the Folder (e.g. Working Clothes)
  • See Upload document 
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