Custom Fields in Contracts

You can customize your contracts by creating custom fields that store information of your choice.

1. Where can I find Custom Fields for Contracts ?

  1. Head to Company
  2. Click on Details
  3. Select a Legal Entity
  4. Click on Contracts section
  5. Scroll till you find Contract Custom Fields

2. How can I add Contract Custom Fields?

  1. Press on add a custom field 
  2. Add a title & field type 
  3. Press on Create custom field

🔆You can create custom reports with custom contract fields as of now. 

3. Use Case : Contract Custom Fields for Employees

  1. Head to Employees 
  2. Select the employee in question
  3. Click on Contracts
  4. Scroll down till you find Custom Fields
  5. Select the type of contract
  6. Press on Submit

The custom field can only be visible and editable by the administrators. Permissions can be modified in the section of each permission group.