Clock In Options

What´s the clock In? Where can find the clock in? How to clock in-out? Learn from the different clock-in/out systems that Factorial offers you.

What´s the Clock In? 

The action of keeping track of your working hours.

Where can find the Clock In? 

In the left side menu you will find the Clock-In Section.

How to Clock in-out? 

There are several options. Find them listed below 👇

  • Clock In/Out

Either from the Clock In Section or from the Dashboard, your employees will be able to Clock-In the hours at which each shift begins and ends.

  1. Click on the Clock In - starts the count of a new shift
  2. Click on the Clock Out - This will stop the  shift 

    ☝ This process can be repeated as many times as necessary throughout a day.

Clock In- Clock out

Clock out

📳 The Clock In is also available in Factorial's App, both for iPhone and Android 

Clock In Options 

  • Clock In Manually 

  1. Select the day in which you want to add  hours 
  2. Enter a Clock In and Clock Out time

🔺 To avoid registering missed hours, the system will never allow you to add future hours.
🔺 You can add as many shifts as necessary by clicking on thebutton and repeating the process 

  • Use Geolocation

Using Geolocation in time and attendance feature📍

  • Entrance App 

How to use the QR code clocking in Factorial? 💻