Clock In Options

WhatΒ΄s the Clock In? 

The action of keeping track of your working hours.

Where can find the Clock In? πŸ“

In the left side menu you will find the Clock-In Section.

How to Clock in-out? 

There are several options. Find them listed below πŸ‘‡

  • Clock In/Out

Either from the Clock In Section or from the Dashboard, your employees will be able to Clock-In the hours at which each shift begins and ends.

  1. Click on the Clock In - starts the count of a new shift
  2. Click on the Clock Out - This will stop the  shift 

    ☝ This process can be repeated as many times as necessary throughout a day.

Clock In- Clock out

Clock out

πŸ“³ The Clock In is also available in Factorial's App, both for iPhone and Android 

  • Clock In Manually 

  1. Select the day in which you want to add  hours 
  2. Enter a Clock In and Clock Out time

πŸ”Ί To avoid registering missed hours, the system will never allow you to add future hours.

You can add as many shifts as necessary by clicking on the "+" button and repeating the process πŸ‘‡

  • Use Geolocation

Using Geolocation in time and attendance featureπŸ“

  • Entrance App 

How to use the QR code clocking in Factorial? πŸ’»