Create Reports: Total Meal Expenses per Month per Employee

In this article, we show you how to make a report in your dashboard in order to see the total meal expenditure per month per employee.

Would you like to have details of total food expenditure per month per employee in your Reports Dashboard? Read this article! 👀

delete-cross Problem? 

Your staff is using the Factorial Expenses feature and you want to collect the amount each one spends per month whether it's on Meal, Transport, Vehicle, etc. 

check Solution? 

We are here to help you! Using the Reports feature, you can easily gather the total accumulated expense by type of expense of each employee during the current month. 

A quick reminder about how to approve Expenses 

🔹 The remaining requests for approval of expenses will appear in Pending Tasks
🔹Just click on the task, and approve the document.

🔹 By approving the documents, you will be able to access the data when creating our Report.

user-interaction-review_chart Let's create the report

👉 Go to Reports
👉 Create your own Dashboard. In this case, it would be an Expenses  Dashboard.
👉 Add a custom report. 
👉 How do we do it? Just watch the video below.

alert Key Notes

✍️ You must approve the expenses you want to see in the Report.
✍️ You must add the initial data in Sum, in order to add up the total of euros spent.
✍️ You must filter by active employee, to select those that are not terminated. If you want to calculate the expenses generated in general, you do not need to add this filter. 
✍️ You must filter the type of expense by "meal", as this is the copy of the custom field we are looking for in this type of report.
✍️ We can filter by "transportation", if we would like to take out the transportation expense per month per employee, or by any other type of expense. 
✍️ Add a date condition filter = current month, to be able to see the expenses that have been generated in the current month.