Create Reports: Team Building Activities with Custom Fields

In this short article, we show you how to make a report in your dashboard so that you can choose your employees' favourite team building activities

If you want to know your employees' favorite activities and create reports to improve Team Building, read this article! 👀

delete-cross Problem? 

Surely you want to improve the productivity and relationship between your employees, and that's why carrying out Team Building activities is a very good option. To do so, you will have to collect your staff's favorites. 

check Solution!

Easy as pie with Factorial! In order to collect these data, you can create Custom Fields with a Single Choice and use them later to create Reports so that you can choose the activity that best suits everyones.

Let's create the report

👉 Go to Reports
👉 Create your own Dashboard. In this case, it would be a Custom Fields Dashboard.
👉 Add a custom report. 
👉 How do we do it? Just watch the video below.

Note ✍️: You can add as many activities as you want in the drop-down list of custom fields.

alert Key Notes

✍️ You must create the custom field before making the report
✍️ The custom field must be filled in by the employees to get the optimal result.  
✍️ You must add the initial data in Count, to count the total number of employees. 
✍️ You must select the desired custom field in the Secondary data. 
✍️ In this case, you can add grouping value, for example, by Offices. 
✍️ Filter by Employee status, condition = Active. This filter is important, as it will discard all employees who have been terminated in the past.