Create a Report to See the Estimated Hours vs The Clocked In Hours.

As Administrators, in different periods of the year, we need to know how many hours our employees have worked. From this article, you will learn how to create a report that will allow you to get a comparison of estimated vs. clocked-in hours.

1. Create Custom Fields: Biweekly hours, Monthly hours & Yearly hours

  • Head to Company
  • Select Customization 
  • Scroll down until you find Custom Fields 
    Biweekly hours custom field

    2. Report: Add a Custom Report 

    → Follow the data shown in the capture 

    💡 By filtering, you can see the total hours clocked-in for a specific period.

    Table data-2

    → Once you have done all the steps as expected, you will obtain the results of the report:

    → Sum: This is where the hours clocked-in will be reflected 

    Report 1-1

    Report 2-1