Create a Report for Pending Documents to be Electronically Signed

Perhaps you have tried to make a report showing those documents that are still pending electronic signature, and have not succeeded in doing so. In this short article, we show you how to sort the data in your report to be able to do it correctly. 

First of all, go to Reports > Dashboards > Add dashboard > Add new report > Use a report builder.

Suggestion💡: You can create Dashboards to organize your reports in categories, so you will have a dashboard by feature and you can collect your reports to find them more easily. 

Once you have created the corresponding dashboard, in this case, we could name it "Documents and E-Signature", it is time to start creating the report. 

🎨  Add a title and dashboard to the report 

Simply add the title to the report and its corresponding dashboard (by default the dashboard you have created will be assigned). 

📊  Choose a report type 

In this case, we will add a table-type report, as we are interested in collecting some data and having them collected in a table format. 

👨🏻‍💻  Add data and filters

This is the key step. We have to add the data in the right order, otherwise, we won't get the desired chart. 

First, we will select the data related to Documents. We can select:

  1. Name of the document
  2. Document folder
  3. Link to the document

We will then select the data related to the Employees, and in this case, we can choose: 

    4.   Full name of the employee

Once this data has been selected, a (possibly extensive) list of documents will appear. To this list, we must apply a Filter.  To find out if these documents have been signed or not, we will do the following: 

  • Add Filter > E-Signature > Signature status > Equals > Not signed.

This is the view that should have the data in the custom report that we have just created. Finally, you will see the table on the right-hand side, with the data and filters applied. (1)

Save to dashboard, that's all! You will have your report saved in your dashboard. 💾