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COVID-19: Create leave types to get to know your employees' workspace 👨🏻‍💻

Each country is taking different phased lockdown-easing measures and one of them involves employees returning to the office however, restrictions and measures need to be taken into consideration. In order to have control over the capacity of the office, the policy decided by the company, and the employees that can return physically to the office, we offer you a useful functionality called Type of Time-off policies. 

In this article, we will show you an example of how you can create a time-off policy that will help you to control the capacity in your offices and also, to know who is working from home and who is in the office.

I want to control the capacity in the office, what should I do?

Very simple!

One solution to control our capacity and respect internal restrictions is to create a time-off policy that indicates which employee is working in the office. With this time-off policy, we can approve or reject the requests of employees based on daily capacity.

So, how we can do this? We should simply access our administrator account, and go to the Company settings> Time off> Leaves Types> Add new leave type.

Therefore, when we are going to create this new leave type, it should have the same characteristics that we show below:


Therefore, the employee could go to his Time-off section and request the leave "Working in the office" on the week/day in which he has to attend to the office.

The supervisor or administrator will be responsible for approving the absence. So, the time-off manager or supervisor could check daily from Team View, who is in the office, and who is working remotely. In case you want to create a type of leave for employees who are working from home, we encourage you to read this article where we explain how to create it

I've already created the types of absence ... What do I do next?

Once you have both types of leaves created, your employees may request the absence and the administrator or absence supervisor, approve/reject it depending on the distribution in the office. Thus, you can keep track of where they are working at any time so that both administrators and absence supervisors can be aware at all times about the workspace of their employees.

In the event that the administrator himself is the one who wants to assign this type of leave, there is no problem. We explain how to do it easily and quickly below:

Click on the Factorial omnibutton (the blue icon on the right below) and you will see that it allows you to add a time-off 


1- Click Add Time off.
2- Select Working in the office.
3- Add all employees who will work from the office during a given period.
4- Select the range of days and a description.
5- Save and done!


Those days that you have requested will be automatically added to the profile of each employee.

Finally ... How do I control the capacity of my office?

Once you have everything ready, all you have to do is go to the Calendar > Team view.

You will have a list of employees with all their leaves. From here, you can detect where the employees are working and view the permissions approved by the absence supervisor or administrator.


If you notice that the list is very long (and you need to limit), we have a solution! We provide you with a Filter option at the top left, where you can filter by employees, teams, and offices.