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Converting Employee ID's for Integrations

In this brief article, you will gain a better understanding of converting external employee ID's to Factorial ID's via dictionaries.


🔆As a Factorial client, you will be dealing possibly with different integrations. The moments in which you will, it is very important that you convert your current employee's ID's to the Factorial ID attributed to you and your employees. 


In order to find the equivalent of your own ID's in Factorial, you should have a dictionary in any format you want (database, excel, word, etc..) that consists of two columns, one with an external ID and the other one with Factorial's ID.  Therefore, anytime you need Factorial's ID for something you can simply use the dictionary as a translator. 



You want to integrate a clock-in device with Factorial. The employee with an ID number of 3 decides to clock in at 14:00. Before the clock-in information is sent to Factorial, you should check your dictionary and convert the external employee ID to Factorial's employee ID in order to save the clock-in to the platform.