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Contracts on Payroll Accounts

Fill out all the information related to your worker's contract, find out what communications regarding contracts your Bookkeeper will receive and create as many payroll contract fields as you need and how to add additional compensation.

Benefits of informing the employee’s contracts.
Registering your employees’ contract information in Factorial will have a big impact on how you manage your company:
  1. Centralize your employees contract data in a single source of truth, and share the management of the employee’s information with selected managers or special users.
  2. Get insights through our economic reports compare salaries per teams, genders or workplaces, analyze the salary evolution, etc.
  3. Provide transparency to your employees, and make sure all their information is always up to date.
  4. Manage & organize the necessary data to elaborate your employees’ payroll  with Factorial.

Where can I Find Contracts? 

  • Head to Employee 
  • Select any employee 
  • Go to the section Contract 

Basic Information 

💡 This is where you will start filling out all the information related to your worker's contract. Be sure to enter true data so that the consultant you work with is aware of it and always has the information up to date.

👉 In each section you find under Contracts, you will see the option Effective Date. Let's understand this date as the definitive date in which the new versions or current changes made in each section start to be applied. 

Edit your First Version 

  • Click on the (...) symbol  to start editing the first contract version of the worker 
Mar-21-2022 17-28-16

Start Date  Employee's first working day
End Date  Employee's last working day
Job Tittle  HR Manager? Content Specialist? Account Manager? 
Has Payroll?  Are you paying payroll services for this employee?
Contract Status  Draft? Pending? Confirmed? 
Effective Date  When will this Basic Information become effective?

Working Hours


Gross Salary


Contract Extra Information


Contract type

Indefinite? Temporal? Scholarship? 

Length of the trial period 30 days? 15 days? 
Educational level Secondary? Master? PHD? 
Type of workday Full Time or Part Time? 
Effective Date  When will the extra information introduced  becomes effective?

What Contract Communications will the Bookkeeper receive?

📨 New contract registration 
📨 Finished employees
📨 Any changes in Contracts related to: Basic Information, Work Schedule, Gross Salary and Contract Extra Information. 

How can I Customize Payroll Contracts?

👉 Make sure you have created your company's legal entities and added employees to them beforehand so that you can make the necessary edits to their contracts. 

1️⃣  Payroll Contract Fields

  • Head to the Company section 
  • Select the legal entity where you will be making the edits 
  • Press in the Contracts Tab 

In here you can find all the default payroll contract fields, in case you need to edit them, just click on the and press edit.



2️⃣ Contracts Custom Fields

You can create new contracts custom fields by:

  • Click on add custom fields
  • Adding a title and selecting the field type 
  • Finally, pressing in create custom field

Mar-21-2022 17-08-18

💡 Once the contract custom fields has been added, by heading to the employee´s contract tab you will find these recently added fields. 

Mar-21-2022 17-11-22


3️⃣ Additional Compensation

In here you can find all the default additional compensation option. You can add more by:

  • Clicking on the
  • Pressing edit
  • Selecting +Add one option 
  • Finally, clicking on submit 

Mar-21-2022 17-12-53

💡 Once the additional compensation has been added, you will find it automatically reflected within the payroll feature so that you can select it in any period. 

Mar-21-2022 17-14-37

  • In Employees > Contracts, you can give Additional compensation to your employees.
  • Select + Add Compensation and fill in the blank fields.

Captura de ecrã 2021-11-19, às 16.09.03

In Recurrence you can choose the frequency of the compensation and in Type you can choose between:

  • Undefined (used in cases where employees have additional compensation or a commission every X months, but you can't previously calculate the amount, for example)
  • Fixed (exact value)
  • Up to compensation (a compensation with a maximum amount, used for goal achievement, for example)