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Contract Importer

In this article you will learn how to import Contracts in Bulk with the Contract Importer in Factorial!

Where can I find the contract importer? 

  • Go to Employees
  • Click on (...) up on the left corner 
  • Click on Import Contracts 

contract importer

Excel file 

  • Click on your legal entity to download the excel file

file ecxel

In the file you will be ale to fill in these information 👇

  • Name and Last name
  • Email 
  • Job Title

  • Contract start date (mm/dd/yyyy)

  • Has trial period

  • Trial period end date (mm/dd/yyyy)

  • Working day type

  • Job description

  • Education level

  • Professional category

  • Citizen group

  • Contract observations

  • Work schedule hours

  • Work schedule unit

  • Gross salary amount

  • Gross salary type


  • Drop the excel file filled with all the information
  • Click on Import file

import file

👀 You will see a preview with all the information that has been added in the excel, if everything is correct click on; Import Selected contracts.

🚨These changes are applied only to the current version of the contract, for now. 

Import contracts