Configure your Company Time Off Policies

Do you have several  departments with different vacation days? Does your company policy offer natural or working days? Do you have profiles in your company with separate vacation policies? Learn How to Configure your Company Time Off Policies.

Defining Terms 

  • Natural Days : These days correspond to every day including weekends and public holidays throughout the whole year (e.g. 365 days). 

🔆Natural days remain the same for everyone when influencing the time off. Vacations and holidays are counted through the working days. 

  • Working Days :  These days correspond from Monday to Friday excluding public holidays. 

🔆Working days may change based on vacation policies based on the city of the company. Although every employee will have the same vacation policies, some may change switch up their working days in function of local holidays.

How Can I Configure my Company Time Off Policies? 

  1. Go to the Company  section
  2. Select Time Off
  3. Click on View Policy - (By default you will have a Time-Off policy created, in this policy the employees you invite will be added)

Policy Basics 📝

In this section you simply have to enter the Name of your Company Policy. You can also add a Short Description.

Time Off Allowances 

Employees - How Can I Add Employees? 

🔺 In the Time Off Policy created by default, you will not be able to add employees.  Because all employees created within your Company Account will be added to this Default Policy automatically.

In a Custom Time Off Policy: 

  • Within the policy, head to the Employees tab 
  • Press the (+) 
  • Select the employees you will like to add

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