Configure Time Off Counters in France

Learn how to configure your company time off allowances based on French law and policy such as N-1.

How Can I Configure my Company Time Off Allowances? 

⏰What is a Time Off Allowance in France?

➡️ In France,  Time off Allowances are counters used to limit the number of days or hours that can be taken from a particular Time-Off Policy. Companies allow their employees to use days off generated in the previous cycle. In other words, the days off that employees can use from June 2020 - May 2021 cycle were generated in June 2019 - May 2020 cycle.

  1. You generate vacation days.
  2. You use these vacation days in the following cycle.

By default you will have an allowance created. However, the option that Factorial offers is not applicable to what France needs. We will explain the steps on how to create a Time Off Allowance tailored to what France needs. By following these following steps you will be able to create a Time Off Allowance suitable to France. 

  1. Head to the Company section
  2. Select Time Off
  3. Go within the Time Off Policy  
  4. Press in Add time-off allowance

1. Basic Information  task-list-settings

  • Insert Allowance Name : e.g. France Allowances
  • Select Absence Type  

🔺 Please note that the same Type of Absence cannot be assigned in Counters of the same Time Off Policy.

  • Allowance must be set to Days
  • Days will be displayed in Days with decimals

2.   Allowance Settings settings (1)

📅What are Base Allowance Days? 

➡️ This is the number of days you will grant your employees during each cycle. Per example, in France, the average base allowance days is 25 days which are related to annual vacations/days off.  Through Factorial, a French company will have the possibility to configure 25 base allowance days per year. 

  • Base allowance days: 25 working days 
  • How are allowance days/hours accrued? : Throughout the year on a monthly basis  
      • Per month, 2.08 days will be accrued. 
      • 25 base allowance days = 1 week of holiday calculated on 5 days.  
  • Select Cycle following that in which they were acquired 
  • Cycle span: June to May 
  • Click on Create Allowance


💡Selecting a cycle following that in which they were acquired represents the time off allowance policy of N-1 in the way a cycle can be used.

🔄Understanding the Cycle Span

What is a Cycle ?

➡️A cycle is a 12-month period that defines when the allowance starts and expires. Therefore, carryover days will expire once the cycle renews. 

An employee joins a company on November 2015. He acquires 2,08 days of vacation per month from November 2015 to May 2016. However, he can only use them starting June 2016.

At the end of May 2016, he would have acquired 14,56 (2,08 x 7) days. At the end of the period the acquire days are always rounded to the higher digit. Therefore, starting June 2016 he will be able to use 15 days of vacation.

At the end of May 2017, he would have acquired 25 days to be used starting June 2017. 

🔺Most French companies will adhere to the general rule that each employee will accumulate 2.08 days of Time Off per month. It is only after the 1st year of employment that an employee will be able to make use of his/her Time Off at the company.

💡Once you have created your allowance, you must delete the allowance by default.

3. Carryover SettingsCapture d’écran 2021-06-23 à 15.32.04

🚀What are Carryover Days? 

➡️The amount of days that an employee accumulate and carryover until the next period. Per example at Factorial, Maria has used 23 out of her 25 days of allowance in 2021. Since she is only allowed to carryover a maximum of 5 days after the next cycle, she will be able to use those 2 extra days that she didn't make use of in 2021 and apply them to the next cycle from 2021 to 2022.

  • Days carryover : Unlimited  
  • Expiration of carryover days : After 1 full cycle - (12 months)

4. Tenure Periods Capture d’écran 2021-06-23 à 15.32.58

What is a tenure period?

➡️ By adding tenure periods you determine at what length of time your employees will be entitled to an increased in their allowance and how many days they will be granted. 

Per example,  an employee that has a tenure period of 5 year, will gain 1 extra time off day after those 5 years by adding 10+1.

  • Click on Allowance by Tenure
  • Select the option At beginning of current cycle