Comply with the Legal Recognition of Different Genders

Factorial provides you with the flexibility to comply with the legal recognition of all the different genders based on your country.


🫂With Factorial, it is possible to specify which gender options are available for each legal entity, to comply with the different legal requirements in different countries.

How does it work?

With Factorial, you can create a gender as a general option for all the company. But then you can choose which legal entities can have this option available.  Depending on the country of the company, they will have different legal genders available. 

  • Example : Germany has three legal genders available that are 'male', 'female' and 'diverse. 

How do I Configure the Legal Gender for my Company?

  1. Head to Company
  2. Select More
  3. Press on Customisation
  4. Scroll to Gender Options 

The genders "female" and "male" will come by default and new options will be seamlessly included in any gender report.

Can I make Changes to the Gender option?

  • Yes

You may edit the gender option by attributing another option. However, you may also delete the current option you have chosen.