Competencies Dashboard

Discover which reports you can find in the Competencies Dashboard and learn how to use them to get the most out of the Performance feature.

⚠️ This is an old version of the competencies feature. To discover the new and updated version of competencies, click here

9Box Grid & Competencies expectations vs real ratings

👉 When you install the competencies feature, a competencies dashboard is installed. And two reports appear by default: 9 box grid and competencies expectations vs real ratings.

  • The nine-box grid  is a HRM tool used by supervisors to rate employees performance and potential. Performance ratings are placed horizontally and potential ratings vertically. 

  • The Competencies expectations vs real ratings will validate by teams what is expected of the employee (target rating) vs. what the employee has accomplished (real ratings).


How to Manage Competencies Reports? 

💡Remember that you need to add the competencies that your company has defined for the employees before using these competencies reports. 

• Filters: 

⇒ By default, there is a filter in competencies dashboard that filters by: Teams

💡  Managers can only see their team!

• Managing 9box grid: 

Factorial by default will offer the two axes of performance and potential. The company needs to  edit the competencies by editing the report. (🔺 Competencies can only be edited within the report).

•  Are Notifications Generated when reports are edited or updated?

No, there are no notifications! 

• Use Report Permissions 

By activating the Use Report Permission, the employee will be able to view and manage everything within this feature.