Common Errors when Importing Employee Excel

The purpose of this article will be to provide you with visibility about the recurrent errors in first onboarding sessions when importing employee excels.

Different Errors during Onboarding with Employee Excel Templates 

  • Date Formats: The same formatting of dates of birth that are inserted in the document need to be identical. Following the correct date format is crucial.  
    • DD/MM/YYYY
  • Office Name : The names of the city in which the Offices are based in need to all be written in big cap letters otherwise the Excel will not recognise the offices that are written down in small caps. 

⚠️First, you need to create an office in Factorial before downloading an excel of your office

💡Make sure that if you create an office in Lyon, that you write it down in the excel as LYON in big caps. 

  • Usernames : When you insert information concerning an employee, the email section needs to be specifically filled in with the corporate email.
  • Emails : You can't update an email directly in the excel. The reason for this is that if you do create a new email for yourself as an employee, the Administrator or Supervisor will have one employee that will be duplicated and have another existing email.

What if I want to change my email?

💡Employee has access to Factorial, then they can change it directly through their profile in the You  section. 

💡Employee doesn't have access to Factorial, then the Administrator will have to change the email with the Employee Section and specifically the employee in question. 

  • Time Off Supervisor and Manager 1.0  :  When assigning the manager or time off supervisor to an employee make sure that the email of the manager or time off supervisor is already registered in their factorial profiles.  
    • If you do not have a manager that cell will have to be empty. 
    • Avoid crossing information between Employee and manager based on emails. This will affect the organisational chart. 
  • Time Off Supervisor and Manager 2.0  : You should take into account that manager-report relationship must be hierarchical. Please make sure you are not assigning anyone a manager who is below them in the hierarchy. This will lead to a failed importation. 
    • Example: If Bob is the manager of Michael, they will attempt to add Michael as the manager of Bob - this is not possible. However, in the case where Bob manages Michael and Michael manages Sandra but we set Sandra as a manager of Bob - this will also fail. 
    • This will automatically lead to a failed importation. 
    • An email will be sent during a failed importation process stating that there was an error with the manager assignation
  • Triage Employees for Import: Based on the number of employees in a company, you might have to create clusters during the importation to avoid an excess of data leading to a failed importation.   
    • Recommendation : If you have more than 120 employees, clusters should be created. 
  • Drop Downs : It is crucial that the drop downs of the various categories are respected by simply selecting the presented options. 
    ⛔️Do not add any extra information!
  • Identification Number  : When attempting to update or reassign an employee please make sure that every employee has their own attributed identification number.