Types of Administrators

Learn the differences between Administrator and External Administrator. Create and find out where to find these profiles.

Administrator Vs External Administrator 

◼  An Administrator is an Employee within the platform who has complete authority and can perform any action.
An External Administrator is not an employee within the platform; therefore, he/she does not suppose a cost. This profile also has complete authority but can´t perform the clock in or ask for days off. 

How Do I Add an Administrator? 

  1. Log in to your Administrator Account
  2. Head to Company 
  3. Select Permissions 
  4. Click on the Administrators Group 

  5. Go to Employees 
  6. Click on (+) - 📍 located in the upper right corner
  7. Choose Asign an employee

    Assign an employee admin
  8. Select the user you want for Admin 
  9. Press in Save 

How do I Create an External Administrator? 

💡 If you select assign an external user, what you will do is convert an employee to an external user.

Following the steps mentioned previously ☝, you will find the option to Create an external admin/user. 

External user admin

Where can I Find all my Company Administrators? 

  • Head to Company 
  • Select Permissions 
  • Click in the Administrators groups (in here you find all the admins of your company account). 

How Can I Delete an Administrator?

🔺 You will be able to Delete an Administrator only if: 

  • It´s an External Administrator 
  • It's not the only Administrator of the group

    delete admin-1