Request and Assign Time Off

As you can request, you can also assign time off. Discover in this article the different steps you need take to achieve this action.

• Request Absences through Time Off: 

  1. Go to Time Off 
  2. Click on + Time Off - 📍 Located in the upper right corner
  3. Fill in the Custom Fields 

    Add time off-1

• Assign Absences to your Employees:

  •  Head to the Omni Button 
  • Press on Add Time Off
  • Fill in the Custom Fields 
  • Finally press on add x days 

    Add time off massively

• You can also Assign Absences from your Employee's Profile

  1. Go to Employees
  2. Search for the employee in question 
  3. Click on the employee
  4. Select Time Off 
  5. Click on Add Time Off 

Employee . Time Off