How to Create Time off Allowance Adjustments?

Do you want to subtract or add more days/hours from available days in a current year? Learn how by following these steps.

Where can I Find Time off Allowance Adjustments?  

  1. Go to the Employee
  2. Select the employee
  3. Click on the employee➡
  4. Head to Time Off 
  5. Scroll until you find Time off allowance adjustments

    Time of allowances adj

How to make a Time off Allowance Adjustment? 

  • Head to Time off allowance adjustments

  • Add Time off adjustment 

    add adjustments daysAdd hours adjustments-1

  • Fill in the fields 
  • Press on Add time off adjustment

Add Holiday Adjusment

How are Time - Off Adjustments Reflected? 

In the Time Off section you will find the Allowances, select the one you have chosen to make the adjustments. 

  • Position the mouse on the arrow of Total 

Allowance adj total days