Download the Time Tracking Report

Administrators can download the time tracking report at any time, in Excel and PDF formats.

Or in other words,  Download the Clock In-Out Report? 🕑

  • Go to Time Tracking 
  • Click on the (...) 
  • Select the option Download Report

    Download Report TT
  • Fill in the Export Time Tracking Fields 
    ➡ PDF or Excel File 
    ➡ Select the Office
    ➡ Select the Team 
    ➡ From when to when 

    Export TT
  • Submit

Differences we can find in our time tracking report: 

1️⃣ If we have Shift Management enabled, in the report we will only see the hours based on the shifts we have posted instead of seeing the balance of hours or the hours we have been assigned through Work Schedule Feature. 

  • Total worked hours 
  • Total estimated hours (based on planned/shifts published). 

Screenshot 2021-06-02 at 4.48.48 PM

Time Tracking Report with Shift Management

2️⃣ If we have Shift Management disabled, we will be able to correctly manage the Work Schedule feature and we will also have visibility of the balance of hours, which allows us to know how much or less hours  we have worked during a period.

  • Total worked hours 
  • Total estimades hours (based on work schedules)
  • Total Balance

Time Tracking Report without Shift Management