How can I Create and Track my Workers' Projects?

Do you need to keep track of what your workers are doing during the day? Find in this short article everything you need to know about tracking your worker's projects.

Where Can I Find Projects?

  • Access the Apps section
  • Go to Time Tracking 
  • Press the Settings Section - 2021-09-29T151429.168

How Can I Edit my Projects? 

  •  Click on the configuration wheel
  • Press Edit


How Can I Create a New Project? 

  • Once you have press in Edit, you will be redirected the to the window where you can add new projects. 
  • Press in + add one option 
  • Finally, select edit custom field - 2021-09-29T152338.104

How Can I Add Projects in Shifts? 

  1. Head to the Clock In Section 
  2. When the shift has been added, go to the side of the shift and click on the (...) that will appear when you position the mouse there. 
  3. Select the Add/Edit Projects option 
  4. Finally, press in edit projects - 2021-09-29T152911.362

How to Eliminate a Project that my Company no longer needs? 

The reality is that there is no way to eliminate projects but there is a way to archive them so that they do not appear again. 

  •  Go to the Project you want to archive and press in the trash icon